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Blue Microphone

the blue room

sound design  -  recording  -  editing  -  producing

Blue Studio

demo reels

Unlock your potential with a standout voice over demo reel tailored to showcase your talent. As a seasoned sound designer, I specialise in crafting immersive sonic experiences that captivate listeners. Elevate your auditions and land more gigs with your very own meticulously curated demo reel that highlights your versatility, range, and professionalism.


    - One hour initial consultation
    - Terminologies & Techniques
    - Preparation & writing scripts


    - 1 to 2 hour session in the booth (your own if remote)
    - Direction & Delivery & Alternate takes
    - Collaboration & experience


    - Sound design & editing
    - Client correspondence & review & re-edits
    - Final delivery in both MP3 &
     WAV formats


  • £200 per reel

  • Price includes recording session and final product

  • Your choice of specific style of reel (commercial/character/narration etc)

Get in touch to find out more!

previous in-person clients:

Cait Gregor
00:00 / 01:37
Matthew Kay
00:00 / 02:01
Megan Walshe
00:00 / 02:01
Angie Cocuzza
00:00 / 01:32

previous remote clients:

Nicholas Van Zyl
00:00 / 02:43



Realm Tree Logo


Teenage fairy Talia Wick takes a trial to earn her wings.

The Realm Tree is an audio drama series spanning 30 episodes and was fully sound designed, edited and, for majority of the cast, recorded in the blue room. Next to crafting this immense audio series, I also co-directed and starred as Mercury Chase.
The Realm Tree was written, directed and created by Jamar Thompson and Julian Hermano.

Realm Tree Award 1
Realm Tree Award 2

The Realm Tree is an award winning audio-drama series. In 2021 The Realm Tree was the proud winner in 2 categories of the annual Audio Verse Awards:

Best new story-based production and best storyteller of a new production. 

To find out more about the series head to

Twozees Logo


Two brothers, two continents, two Z's in their name. Join Brandyn and Kyle as they chat about everything from pop culture and their daily lives.

TwoZees was first born as a youtube channel but is now being produced in the blue room as a podcast. Much like a radio show, yet we chat via the internet and record on individual mics. The files are then collated, edited and designed together to give the impression we are in the same studio.

Mr. Henderson Logo


Down the street and to the left sits a quaint little cottage. Inside we find our dear friend Mr. Henderson. A handsome ageing gentleman who captures our imaginations and our hearts...

Mr. Henderson is an audio-dark-comedy-fantasy-drama series that follows his ever intriguing adventures and eccentricities. The series is produced in the blue room. I also provide the voice of The Narrator.

Mr. Henderson was written and directed by and stars Vaughn Rae.

We Love Logo



In this radio-host styled podcast, a healthily, happily engaged couple set out to analyse and scrutinise the many love scenes and romantic movies that the wonderful world of cinema has to offer. From our own commitment to each other and understanding of love, we share our personal pitfalls, tactics and revelations as we pull apart scripted couplings and romances.

Starring myself and my fiancee Cait Gregor, this podcast is currently in the pre-production phase and will be fully produced and recorded in the blue room.

Star Reign Logo



Star Reign is a new science-fiction audio drama series written by Kyle and Brandyn Kaczmarczyk and is currently in the pre-production phase. The series hopes to touch on modern issues by presenting them in a futuristic space adventure reminiscent of Firefly, Star Wars and Mass Effect. 

Star Reign will be fully cast by remote actors with home studios so keep an ear to the skies.


Life of Om Logo


Welcome to balance, welcome to warmth, welcome to you. Life of Om is a wellness YouTube channel aimed at allowing you to connect with your body and mind through the practice of yoga. Created and lead by professional Singer/Performer Cait Gregor, each new video is a class with a specific focus and energy. Cait Gregor is a trained and certified yoga instructor and with her years of experience there is no better guide. Need to feel open and relaxed before an audition? Body stiff from rehearsals? Or just finding it hard to wake up in the morning? Discover how to reconnect with Life of Om. 
This new wellness channel is being designed and edited in the blue room.



Beginning it's life as a fortress of solitude to game and edit, this space has swiftly transformed into a welcoming sound design office and recording studio. An environment I can take with me anywhere, it has maintained the calm aesthetic of periwinkle and ultramarine hues thus earning it the moniker "the blue room". Under this banner a number of productions have already been created with more well on the way. With my postgraduate degree in editing from AFTRS (Australian Film Television and Radio School) and the wealth of over 15 years of sound design knowledge, I strive to do it all: professional level audio recording, direction, sound design and editing. So come to 'the blue room' where every production is brought to life!

-Kyle Kazz

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