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Kyle Kazz Shush Microphone


Hello there! I'm Kyle Kaczmarczyk and welcome to KyleKazzVoices. I'm an Australian born Polish/South African human noise machine. Though a multi-disciplined performer for 20 odd years, the microphone has called to me from the great halls of the pantheon and so from the cavernous deep I must rise to hush it's yearning cries. Voice Acting is Acting, and with 6 years of acting training at 2 institutions I've become a scholar of the masterful art. In my VO quest I have gained procurement and accolades in the farthest reaches of the realm: audio dramas, film & television, live announcements, and indie video games. With my powerful abilities you too can benefit from the expert service, clean quality and fast turn around my voice provides. KyleKazzVoices are voices you can count on to vanquish the no-doubt mighty requirements of your next project. 

Whisper on the winds... and I shall answer the call.

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